Boho Accessories For Hair That You Will Love

Published May 16, 2012 by yourfashionchiq

Sweet, sexy, smart and fun- these are the few words that is synonyms to bohemian style. And this season, boho accessories are one of the perfect ways for adding that unique finishing touch to your outfit.

Boho accessories may include wearing print scarf, boho shoes, bags, leather belts and boho jewelries such as stack bangles, long necklaces, hoop earrings, beaded bracelet, pastel rings, feather earrings are a must- have for this season. But one of the boho accessories that will surely make you stand out from the crowd and will make you totally complete is the boho chic hair accessories.

The simplest way to make a boho hairstyle is to make your hair look naturally curly. The first step is to apply a spray wax through your hair. Then, get a large barrel curling iron and wrap your hair around the curling iron. Do it twice; first, wrap it around a curling iron towards your face, then second unwrap the part of the hair you first curl and re-wrap it again around the barrel in the opposite way, away from your face. Proceed all over your hair taking bigger sections on bottom and smaller sections on top. After, you have curled it all use your fingers to fluff it up and soften the wave, then add more spray wax if you want.

Easy and fabulous! Once you have done a pretty boho hair style. It’s time to add fantastic boho accessories to make you look even more beautiful and glamorous like wearing boho headbands. The good thing about wearing boho headbands is that you can also make your own, and this article will teach you how.

First, select a fabric trim you want to use for your headband. There are many fabric trims available online, you can slo purchased from a manufacturer, in a haberdashery or crafts store. The most popular choice is the leather fabric trim because they are durable enough and last for longer years. Then, pick a color, you may opt to choose neutral colors but you may also like to choose vibrant hues. It’s your decision, just make sure that you choose one that will reflect your style and that will match your overall outfit.

To start with, cut your chosen fabric trim into three sections (at over 1cm each) and over the length required to fit your head. Make sure that you allow 7 to 8 extra few inches to the length, so that it can be connected up. After cutting, measure 7 to 8 inches on each side and pin in together using a safety pin. Braid the fabric team, pin it together, then attach together the three braided pieces of leather using rivets and a rivet gun. Rivets will give your boho headband that extra hippie look, as they can be found with different patterns on, including Celtic patterns. That’s it! You can also add beads and other trim like diamante trims and fabric flowers for a more peculiar stylish look.


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